Sunday, May 27, 2007

100 Innings of Baseball = Baseball Heaven!


A touch of baseball heaven - the 100 Innings of Baseball - featuring hundreds of young men who play baseball they way it was meant to be played for FUN! Quincy hosted this tremendous event which helped support ALS research and the Curt's Pitch Initiative.

Walter Bentson, Bret Rudy and company did a terrific job running the Show!. I had an opportunity to sit in the stands have a laugh or two and enjoy some fun baseball in the evening (5Pm to 8:30PM). Then my assistant coach, Bill Cunningham and I returned for late-night ball from 1AM to 3;30AM. YIKES! Ya think we were nuts being there at that time of night? How about the guys like Rob Linn & Dana Levensaler (McKay Club), Chris Stockbridge (Erie Pub), Rudy, Bentson and others who were there allllllll day and night long.

It was nice to see players from so many teams and leagues reach out and make the trek to Adams Field on a sunny Memorial Day weekend. Each guy made a $20 contribution and some raised thousands more to play in the event. They had a rolling batting order and players were plugged into positions as they became available.

Rob Linn (Yawkey League) began catching at 6PM Saturday evening and he was still behind the stick at 3;30AM. Linn caught 60 plus innings before giving the tools to someone else. Wife Dev was there every step of the way.

McKay Club Team Captain - Chirs Deane PITCHED for two innings. Deane got shelled in his first inning. BUT - he was brilliant in his second stanza. My - I will never hear the end of that!

The GAME began at 9AM Saturday and just ended at 2:40PM Sunday afternoon. WHO WON? WHO CARES! That was the type of event it was. The folks who won are those afflicted with the deadly Lou Gehrig's Disease. God Bless them and the KIDS who played 100 Innings of Baseball for ALS!

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