Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hideki Okajima -- A New Sox Hero In the Making! Named American League ROOKIE of Month for April!!

Pics Taken By: Dave McKay @ City of Palms Park - March 17, 2007

Hideki Okajima of Japan has taken the American League by storm in his rookie year. Okajima's stats speak for themself:

0 wins 0 - loss record;13 Appearances; 13.2IP; 5H; 1R; 1ER; 1HR; 3BB; 18K's

I had the privilaged of seeing this young lefty in motion before most at City of Palms Park on St. Patrick's Day. His CRAZY motion is baffling everyone around the circuit. It is hoped that he will continue to dazzle all batters as the Sox mold him into their set-up man in '07.

Above you will see in sequence the delivery that has made Hideki famous in the ealry going. These are pics that I took of him in a relief stint during that St Pat's Game.

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