Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Days Like THIS Make Sox Nation GRIN!

Mariano Rivera - the Hall of Fame Closer for the NY Yankees did IT AGAIN! He gave up a game winning homer to Adrian Beltre in the top of the 9th last night to cap off a disaster of a start during April/May for him and his dawdling team. Rivera is 1-3 thus far in '07.

The Rocket may have landed in the Bronx - BUT Rivera has laid a huge Egg thus far. Is he OLD - has he lost IT? 38 year olds have a tendency to break down and lose their flare, but this quick???

Sox sat back and gained a 1/2 game while the yanks booted the game at home against Seattle 3-2. Sox lead by 6.5 games and play tonight in Toronto. Josh Beckett brings his 6-0 record to the hill against Toronto.

Red Sox nation awoke with a nice wide smile on its face knowing that Rivera stumbled once again! Ohh - the pain --- ohhhhh the suffering!!! Teeeee heeee heeeeee....!!! This makes me feel so young and vital!!!

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