Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Boston Baseball Heads Premier Show!

The Boston Boston Baseball Heads Show will be taped for the very first time at the Cambridge Studios of ComCast TOMORROW! I can't believe the show is going on the air and in fact in my old age -- I am a bit excited and charged up about the entire enterprise. We will sit for one hour tomorrow talking Baseball. Amateur Baseball!

Guests include: Yawkey League MVP & Triple Crown Winner - Marc DesRoches; Sean Gildea - 2006 Yawkey League Cy Young Awards Winner and Stewart Conference Manager of the Year - Dave Hanley.

We will also take a look at Yawkey League action as the league opened on May 11.

The show will conclude with a special tribute to Joe Driscoll. Joe recently passed and his good buddies Peter Williams and Walter Bentson will appear.

This is a great day for the amateur baseball community and we hope you tune in when the program is repeatedly telecast on ComCast - CH 12 in Boston & Brookline. We are trying to branch the show out to the metro-region as well.


Gildea said...

Hey Dave,

I'll be there an hour early tomorrow. Gotta make sure the hair stylist and make-up artist are gonna make me look good before the TV appearance. Gotta keep the fans happy!!!

Haha, just kidding. However, I am hiring an investigative team to look into the YBL preventing me from pitching this season. First, the "no lights" incident at Ross and now the "questionable" (as lighting strikes outside my window) weather call tonight. I dunno my friend, I'm sniffing conspiracy....

Haha, take it easy Dave and I'll see you tomorrow night.

fastvinny said...

Looking forward to the new show and also to attending the Military Game on June 6th.

Playing/watching amateur baseball in Boston on a warm night in the city is one of the city's best charms.