Friday, May 18, 2007


Coach Dave Hanley and Sean Gildea

Hanley, Gildea & DaveMcKay

Gildea and DesRoches

"Cuz" Stu and Arlen

The Boston Baseball Head - Dave McKay
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The Boston Baseball Heads Show was taped on Thursday - June 17th at the ComCast Studios in Cambridge. If I may say so myself -- and I will -- IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS! We had a professional production staff led my Executive Producer of Community Access, Arlen Showstack and his side-kick, "Cuz" Stu Sklaver, who acted as Floor Manager and camera man.

I was very fortunate to have some great "talent" to interview. 2006 Yawkey League MVP & Triple Crown Award Winner, Marc DesRoches appeared. Sean Gildea, 2006 Roger Clemens Award Winner for the YBL was also in attendance.

Dave Hanley, the Manager of the Year for the YBL Stewart Conference came by and added his insight into the League and coaching amateur and collegiate level baseball. A YBL telecasts would never be complete without the help of Al Ditullio. Al serves as a valuable component of our TV Game Coverage on ComCast. He is a sometimes color man & sideline reporter.

In all the first taping was a huge amount of fun and I look forward to being a part of this enterprise for a long time to come. We informed and made some folks laugh - I hope!


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cuz stu said...

Dave, it was such a pleasure working with a consimate(hope I spelled it right) professional like yourself...Thanks for the knd words..but, you were the glue that held the show togethet & clearly made the show are the best, can't wait for the airing and for the next show.