Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sox rest up for Yankees! Pappi Power makes it Happen at Fens!!!

Big Pappi supplied all the power the Sox needed to keep pace with the Yanks last night. The Pappi Power Show produced two homers. A three run smash and a 2 run walk off job to keep the Sox 5 games up on NY.

The Red Sox have also been helped by "unsung hero" of the 2007 season, Dustin Padroia. Dustin has kept up his solid hitting and tremendous defensive play. He MUST BE the Rookie of the Year in '07.

Sox rest up for a three game spree against their rivals from the Bronx. Dice K is set to pitch on Friday and it is hoped he will be better competition than his last two appearances. The Yanks - ACE - Andy Pettette will have the pill for the Bombers.

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