Saturday, September 1, 2007

Somerville - Brighton Brewers Championship Finals Memories.

The Comcast Announcing Team - Al Segal and Dave McKay. We have more fun than the players at these games.
The 2007 Brighton Brewers - Yawkey Baseball League Finalist!

The Brighton Brewers under the direction of Mike Freire look to the challenge ahead - beat Somerville. They did just that in a dramatic 3-2 come from behind YBL Classic.

Brewers get things together in pre-game discussions.

Dave Scioli hoping he does not need this lid in the batters box.

Derek Bates laces 'em up. Getting ready for his big pitching assignment against the brew Crew.

"The Quiet Force" - Somerville Captain, Kevin White prepares for BP.

Steve "Z" & Manager - Mike Powers talk strategy before the big game.

Somerville Alibrandi President - Dave Treska conversing with Tom McDonough in pre-game prep.

"OK - we got up here - now Arlen, how the hell do we get down!" Another Showstack innovation - a camera perched atop the Comcast truck!

Frank "The Tank" atop his perch awaiting the action.

Steve Szathmary starting the post game celebration - early. BUT, no amber colored beverage.

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