Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Magic Number IS - 17!

Don THE ZIPPAH HEAD is not running the show now.

It is not 1978. The Yankees are OLD. Roger is busted. The only reliable arm in the Bronx is Pettitte. He can burst at any moment.

Relaxxxx - sleep tight....no Yankee come backs....1978???? STOP IT!!!!!!!!

"The Yankees are old, injury-prone and, in some cases, shadows of their former selves. Ron Guidry is a 56-year-old pitching coach, not a 27-year-old phenom in the midst of one of the greatest seasons in baseball history. But the main reason the Yanks won't catch the Red Sox is Boston is built for the long haul in 2007, a perfect blend of starting pitching, relief pitching, hitting and defense."

Kevin Hench - Fox - Sports.com

Yes -- Clay -- Young Man the magic number is 17 games.

That means --- 17 Red Sox wins or 17 Yankee losses or a combined total of that number will clinch the American League East for the Boston Red Sox. The Yankee reign is about to end a AL East Champs. This Sox team is loaded with magic. YUP, there are flaws, but dammit -- they get the job done.

Yanks swept the Sox and the PANIC BUTTON pushers were beginning to get alarmed last week. No worries. The Yanks stay home a dump 2 out of 3 to the disastrous Tampa Bay Rays and drop back to 7 games in the standings.

Every time the Sox win from now on -- the Yanks task to take back their title is made harder.

Sleep tight - Red Sox Nation. The AL East is the first step. This team is a squad of destiny. No curses. No BS -- The SOX R BAAAAAACK!

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