Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rooters - The Birth of Red Sox Nation - huge hit.

"Rooters: The Birth of Red Sox Nation" is the story of Boston fans; from their "birth" as the 200 "Roxbury Rooters" in 1897 to their transformation into millions known today as RED SOX NATION. Through rare images and film the saga is told by Boston baseball legends like Johnny Pesky and Peter Gammons, historians, Red Sox players and officials, everyday fans and the Red Sox Nation members descended from the original "Rooters". Super-Fans like "Nuf Ced","Honey-Fitz" and the "Queen of Fenway Park" come to life as the film shows how the foundation was laid for today's Fenway Faithful. Linking past to present, "Rooters" is the heartwarming tale of how generations of fans have passed on their love for the Red Sox like a family heirloom. This two-volume DVD follows the story from "The Birth of Red Sox Nation" Vol. 1, to the modern day phenomenon of how "Red Sox Nation Lives" Vol. 2.
The Baseball Heads Review
Every "true" Red Sox fan will enjoy and appreciate the History and sentiment connected with Rooters! Ian McFarland and Peter Nash have captured the spirit of Red Sox Nation from its roots. Tracking the history of the Royal Rooters from "Nuf-Ced" McGreavy, "Honey Fitz" - the Mayor of Boston and the "Queen of Fenway" from 1897 to present. I particularly enjoyed the personal connections made to the real people of Red Sox Nation - THE FANS!
Special interviews and awesome historic documentation via film and photos ignite nostalgia for the grand days of Red Sox domination of baseball from 1912 to 1918. Proper connections are made from past to present. The names and faces have changed in Sox History, but the loyalty and love of the Old Town Team is relevant and touching.
The premier of NESN was interrupted by numerous commercials, but it was nicely presented. This is a tease to get you to purchase the DVD, which will be out on October 2. The DVD has many additional features not shown on NESN.
WEEI Sports-Gabfest Master, Mike Adams does a tremendous job as the narrator of this well written documentary. This is a 'Must See and Must Purchase" for any REAL Red Sox Fan!
Visit The Rooters - Birth of Red Sox Nation @: www.rootersbirthofredsoxnation.com

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