Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sox WIN - Yanks GAG in Tampa Bay!

Red Sox win 7-3 and Yanks lose 7-6 tonight. Yanbks had a 5-0 lead and blew it and lost to the lowly DEVIL Rays in the bottom of the 10th at The Trop. The Sox lead is 3 and the Magic Number to Clinch the AL East is now down to just THREE!
All the doubters can RELAX. Manny and Yook are BACK. GAGNEE is pitching better. Schill looked kewl in 6 tonight. The Rookies still fill in very well. Jacobe had 3 RBI and played flawless CF. The rooks let Manny REST some more after he went 1-1 with a walk in the 4th.
All is well at the Fens. Now the focus is clear - AL East and Best AL Record are in the works for the Red Hose!
OH - BTW The Rocket is SHUT down for the remainder of the regular season. Millions wasted - while the Yanks sink into the Wild Card -- Roger laughs all the way to the WORLD BANK!

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