Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Night Good Luck and Good Bye to the House that Ruth Built!

The lights will dim for the last time in the Bronx tonight! The Yankees and their beloved ball park never SUCKED! We Bostonians have always lived in the shadow of our neighbor 226 miles south of Dorchester.

Babe Ruth, The Mick, Yogi and others who we all wanted to love in Boston played there. Reggie, AROD and others we hated also donned the pin stripes. Tonight they were all equal. They all played baseball in a Cathedral called The Yankee Stadium at one time or another. Some are in the grave -- others came to that spot today in order to celebrate the success of the greatest baseball team in Major League History!

I may have attended 20 or so games in that ugly neighborhood where The Stadium was built in 1924. The greatest game I ever saw there was a no hitter struck against my beloved Red Sox in 1984 by Dave Righetti on July 4th. I sat in every section of that yard and never was bored or insulted by the criminals who rooted for the Yanks. I rooted for my team but never insulted the home town team.

The flags at every baseball park in America should fly at half staff tomorrow. Yankee Stadium is no more. It was fitting that the classiest player in the history of baseball Derek Jeter spoke and thanked the millions of fans who supported HIS team over the years. The Babe and Lou would have been very proud tonight.

Good Night -- Good Luck and may the Good Lord take a Liking to Yankee Stadium!

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