Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Manny Berates Boston!

Baseball Heads View:

Another ingrate leaves our fair city. A place where he was adored even worshiped. Made nearly $20 million a year -- and this is what he thinks of his 8 years in a Boston Red Sox Uniform!

Manny Ramirez Rants on Hub

By Herald wire services Tuesday, September 30, 2008 - Added 46m ago

Manny Ramirez has been on fire since the Sox traded him to the Dodgers in July, and now it looks he’s burning a few bridges.

In a column by the Los Angeles Times’ T.J. Simers published Sunday, Ramirez said he was unhappy during his entire career with the Sox, despite an eight-year, $160 million deal.

“The first time I stepped foot in Boston, I said to myself, ‘Whoa.’ I told Pedro Martinez, ‘Damn, man, I just want to get traded and get out of here; this place is not me.’ I was unhappy for eight years in Boston but still put up great numbers.

“Baseball in Boston is like a Sunday football game, but played every day. We lose in LA, I go to breakfast and people say, ‘Well, you’ll get them tomorrow.’ In Boston, it’s, ‘Hey, what’s going on, the Yankees are coming.’

“It’s just a different atmosphere. The fans in Boston got your back no matter what, but I’m talking about the people who write all this bull because it means so much to them. If your happiness depends on (the Red Sox [team stats]) winning or losing, you have to get a life.”

Ramirez, who hit .396 with 17 homers and 53 RBI in 53 games after being dealt to the Dodgers, said the LA lifestyle suits his family better, too.

“I would bring my kids to (Fenway Park [map]) and I want my kids to be kids, but there’d be people trying to interview them. That’s so stupid,” Ramirez said. “I’d go to the parking lot after the game and 20 people I didn’t know would be offering food, CDs and things - then wanting something in return.

“Here the game ends, I go to the elevator, my car and no one bothers me.

“Every day I thank God I came here and had the chance to show people who I really am. The guy you see here - that’s who I am.”


Joe C said...

He's still a prick, but in this case the prick is right.

Peter said...

Oooh. It must have been so hard to play for a team with fans that actually cared.



I love your blogs, looking forward to your future udates.

Juggling Frogs said...

When a bitter divorcee mutters, "I never loved you in the first place," we're reminded of how glad we are the relationship ended.

Amateur Baseball said...

Dave, what is he saying here that is so off-track here? Nothing he said about our city was false, we do live and breathe the air that is Red Sox nation. Some people just aren't the outgoing type. Clearly, Manny falls into that category. If he was unhappy for his time here, and I have no reason but to believe him, what does it have to do with his contract. He certainly performed in his days in Boston. He was and is the most intimidating right handed hitting bat in baseball. You all can call him names, like joe c, but the Sox would still be a better team with him batting behind David Ortiz.