Thursday, September 25, 2008

D-Lowe, Nomah and Manny are IN!

Derek Lowe is 14-11 with a 3.29ERA. D-Lowe has pitched 33 games and 208 innings. He has amased 145 K's in the 2008 season for the LA Dodgers.

Nomar Garciaparra hits a home run to lead off the fourth inning.

Manny Ramirez waves to the crowd after his two-run homer during the sixth inning Wednesday. (AP) Manny has a .398 BA; 17 HR and 53 RBI since joining the Dodgers. What a differnece from his lack luster play with the Red Sox!

(click here for all the details/stats and video)

Manny, Nomah and D-Lowe will be in the post season in 2008. NOT with the Red Sox but with Red Sox West - the LA Dodgers. The Dodgers are 1 game away from clinching the NL West. they won tonight and lead the D-Backs by 4 games.

Manny and Nomah combined for HR's on Tuesday. 44,776 came to Chavez Ravine tonight to view their "new heroes". BUT are they NEW? I dunnow -- maybe the fans rooting for our LOST SOX are just red Sox fans in disguise.

Whatever the situation calls for a Dodger spot in the Play off scrum. Good luck guys and maybe we will see u for the World Series. Would that be a hoot?????


Cousin Stu's Stats said...

Nothing would be finer than to play Red Sox West in the World Series. The only other team to root for in the National League is the Cubbies. We thought we had it bad here in Boston waiting 85 years, the Cubs have had to wait 100 years. They may have had stranger things happen to them on the way to a title over the years than the Sox. Who can forget Steve Bartman or dropping a 7 game lead with 8 games to go in 1969....Back to the Dodgers, Its common knowledge amongst my friends that Nomar Garciaparra is my all time favorite player. But, Manny Ramirez is right behind Yaz and Jim Rice in the top 5. Manny is clearly THE MOST IMTIMIDATING hitter in baseball today. As far as this writer is concerned, we still GAVE him away for nothing. It wasn't that Manny didn't want to play hard for the Sox. This whole deal was orchestrated by money grubbing agent Scott Boros, who stood to receive no percentage of Manny's option next season if it got picked up.....So I'm torn. Do I want to see the Sox play Manny, Nomar & DLowe, or do I want to see the classic World Series matchup of the Red Sox-Cubs? We'll soon find out.

Amateur Baseball said...

Sox v Dodgers -- Sox v Cubbies -- WHO CARES! As long as it is SOX V anyone.........LOL!!!!!