Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sox GAG v Rays!

Two Golden Opportunities were lost by the Red Sox in the past two days when they blew a 9th inning lead and continue to rely on Mike HR Tinlin. The Sox are now 2 1/2 games off the pace in the AL East Race!

Most importantly they gave the Rays the momentum and balls to leave town with last at bat wins against the defending World Champions.

BUNT - for Chissaks FRANCOMA -- BUNT!!!!!

The only bunter was the "power-man" Big Pappi in the late innings. Francona fails to understand the importance of bunting in baseball. Kotsay flew out deep when there was a man on first and no outs and in other situations batters failed to called upon for some "inside baseball".

Mike "I need to retire" Tinlin is just a total disaster this year. Since spring training, I have watched him give up HR after HR and tonight capped em all. The 3 run job he allowed to Carlos Pina was another game winner and might have put the Sox out of the Division race for good.

I say this because TORONTO -- WHITE HOT TORONTO comes to town for a 4 game series this weekend. Watch out boys and girls -- we might not need those three games in Tampa to win the AL East -- we may just NEED them to clinch a spot in the post season. Nothing is etched in stone. Only the Angels have a spot and all others need to work hard the remaining three weeks in order to "extra innings" beginning in October.

IT might NOT BE A SOXTOBER after all! Stay tuned.

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