Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Offset the Madness - VOTE MCCAIN and PALIN in '09!

Boston Baseball Head has joined the McCain Band Wagon.
Jump on board boys and girls -- there is plenty of room!

It is down to the wire and you need to make up your mind soon!!

Knowing most of the folks who drop by this Blog - you might be on the fence. Well, step up and join the Massachusetts for McCain/Palin Campaign. Events are planned in the area for you to show your support for the next President of the USA!

Offest the madness and support a Great American Hero and his charming running mate as they mount an up hill battle to beat the man who will destroy our Nation.

Log on to: http://www.masachusetts.johnmccain.com/ and be a part of the future of our Beloved America!

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