Thursday, September 25, 2008

Historic Boston Ball Parks

This poster features uncannily accurate representations of the great ballparks of Boston's past.
The Grand Pavilion version of South End Grounds is shown. Its Victorian splendor lasted only 6 years before being destroyed by fire to be replaced by a much simpler single grandstand scheme.

Huntington Avenue Grounds (the former home of the Boston Red Stockings) is displayed hosting the first World's Series game in 1903.

Braves Field (home of the Boston Braves) and Fenway Park round out the lot. Fenway is pictured as it was originally built, with the 6 to 10 foot (no one knows for sure how high) incline known as Duffy's Cliff leading up to the pre Green Monster wall. Fenway Park and Wrigley Field are the lone hold outs in the age of revenue generating "retro" parks. Fenway has probably changed the most of the two. This is its original incarnation. Where else are you going to find an image of it like this?
Available at @ $25!


Boston Knucklehead said...

That is a great poster for our history.

Amateur Baseball said...

You can obtain that poster for very shrt money on that web page. $25 unframed. That is reasonable.