Friday, October 26, 2007

Connor McKay @ The Big Show!

The wide eyed grin is attached to my wonderful nephew - Connor McKay of Bedford, NH. Connor got an opportunity to sit in his Dad's great box seats for the World Series this week. What a nice memory for this 16 year old kid. His brother Kyle, who landed MY Tickets to the ALSC Clincher was caught on YouTube running down Commonwealth Avenue after the game. He was being chased by 1,000 Boston Police Officers in Riot gear. YIKES! Poor New Hampshire kid - comes to Bahston - the Big City. Happy my boys had an opportunity to witness Red Sox History this week!
Kyle McKay's Great Kenmore Adventure
This is the clearing of the streets in Boston after the Sox won the Pennant. At the end of the short clip you’ll see a kid in a white sweatshirt and ball cap, immediately after you will see another kid w/ a dear in the headlights look on his face…………..yes you guessed it, it’s Kyle! No he did not get in trouble but he has his 15 seconds of fame on u – tube!

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