Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sox Crash & Burn as Indians WIN 7-3 in Games 4.

Tthe Red Sox have lost an amazing 3 games in a row to the Indians. The stadium and atmosphere at The Jake is magic. Fans in Cleveland are loud and on their feet for every single pitch. They make Fenway look like a Morgue. Time for the Sox to shut the fans down by playing "their game". Thursday is a Must Win for the Sox. No tomorrow if they lose!

Theo's Folly - JD Drew does what he has done best - strike out in the ALCS. Useless has been a wast at the plate in the playoffs. Time for a change in the OF for the Sox. Lack of production in the #6 spot in the Sox lineup is killing the Hose. Enough!

Junk Baller, Paul Byrd flys by the Sox tonight in Cleveland as he slams the door on the Sox in Game 3. Indians take a commanding 3-1 lead in the ALCS with 7-3 victory.

Youk, Manny & Mike look on in disbelief as the ALCS seems to be slipping by the Red Sox. Paul Byrd beats the Sox with his off speed junk and the Injun 7 Run 5th chase Wake & Delcarmen. The Red Sox backs are against the wall. 65 teams have been behind 3-1 in the post season and only 10 teams have come from behind to win a series. The Sox hope to get back on track in Game 5 with another battle of the Cy Young candidates on Thursday night.

Many changes need to be made in the Sox lineup in order to WAKE things up. here are MY suggestions:

  • Lead Off - Jacoby Ellsbury -- replacing CoCo in CF.
  • Batting 2nd - Youk
  • Batting 3rd - Big Pappi
  • Batting 4th - Manny

  • Batting 5th - Mike Lowell (MVP)
  • Batting 6th - Jason VTeck
  • Batting 7th - Bobby Kielty -- RF -- Replacing Nancy Drew, Mr Useless!
  • Batting 8th - Dustin Padroia
  • Batting 9th - Alex Cora - SS

The "current" lineup is not accomplishing success. A MUST move is to change and move on..

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