Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fenway Memory - October 1, 1967

40 years ago - the Red Sox gave a rebirth to Baseball as we know it in Boston. The Sox clinched the American league Pennant on the very last day of the '67 season at home. There was "..pandemonium on the field" as fans stormed Jim Lonborg.
The Sox went on to play St. Louis in a 7 game series that ended in disappointment. BUT - for a 15 year old kid from Dorchester, this was a memory lodged in my soul. I gave my ticket to my good buddy Mark Travers, because the Explorer Post I belonged to had a very special weekend planned in advance at West Point. My Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers, my Grand Pa and Aunt went to Fenway that day.
Our family stayed on Jersey Street all night waiting to purchase World Series tickets the day after we clinched.
I missed out on this great day in Fenway History, but my Dad and I attended game two of the World Series at Fenway. I also attended Game 7 at Fenway with my sister Joanne. We watched the Sox lose to the Cardinals, but will never forget those days at our beloved Ball Yard.
This picture is emblematic of the mania that came over Boston 40 years ago. The attitude lingers as Red Sox Nation has spread into a Global Mania. People from all over the world consider themselves a part of this "family -- it's kind of an insanity".
October 1, 1967 was the Day Red Sox Nation was reborn. I missed that day, but have so many happy memories and disappointments since. Mark, you lucky son of a gun!

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