Wednesday, October 24, 2007

No Wake for Series. Lester gets Nod!

Red Sox fans were saddened to know that the old warrior, Tim Wakefield will be left of the World Series Roster. Wakefield has been plagued by shoulder problems for a month.

The fiery Josh Beckett will be the "master of arms" for the Sox in the '07 World Series. it is hoped he will have the same success he had against the Yankees. BUT - the Sox will have to go without 17 game winner Tim Wakefield. The knuckle-baller has shut it down for the season, due to shoulder tendinitis and back problems. These injuries kept him off the ALDS Roster and confined Tim to just 4 innings in the ALCS.

It was implied by Red Sox management that Beckett will pitch game 1 at Fenway on Wednesday. Game 2 starter will be Curt Schilling and Game 3 starter is John Lester. Game 4 starter would be Dice-K. Stay tuned for the drama which will build over the next 24 hours.

Wake on the shoulder

By Amalie Benjamin, Globe Staff

Tim Wakefield met with the media just a few minutes ago to describe the injury to his "posterior shoulder" that will keep him off the World Series roster.

Here are some of his comments:
"I really wish I was up here talking about my starting Game 2," Wakefield said. "But unfortunately that's not the case today. After long talks with [Terry Francona] and John Farrell and Theo [Epstein], my health, advice from the doctors, it's not going to happen, unfortunately.

"Could I pitch Game 2? Probably. But are you going to get 100 percent out of Tim Wakefield? I don't know that either, until Tuesday. After that I don't know either, because dealing with this problem that I've had for the past two months, it seems like my recovery time in getting longer and longer, and I just don't think it's fair to the other 24 guys on this team that I go out there and maybe I pitch well and maybe I don't, and then I'm not available for the rest of the series. It's not fair for the rest of the 24 guys in that clubhouse for me to put them through that."

The injury is the same one that kept Wakefield from a start in September and caused him to be left off the ALDS roster."

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