Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Say It Ain't Soooooo Rudy?

Even America's Mayor Realizes What a Mess the YankeesHave Become... Welcome to Red Sox Nation, Rudy!!

Post: Yankee Flipper Rudy Being Rudy Daily News: Rudy's SoxUpdate: Giuliani Mulls Taking on Remy for President of RSN in '09If '08 Campaign for USA Top Dog Doesn't Pan Out
Rudy Giuliani will have some explaining to do in New York after telling a New Hampshire crowd he'll root for Yankees' archrival, the Red Sox, in the World Series.

Former NYC Mayor & Current US Republican - Presidential Candidate - Rudy Giuliani is a RED SOX FAN? Well Kinda. Rudy has announced his support for OUR Red Sox in their efforts to win the '07 Major League Championship. My Politics DO make strange bed fellows!!!

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