Friday, October 19, 2007

Sox Come Back to Fenway!

The Man-Child has been "having fun". When HE has "fun" the Red Sox Just Win! Leave him alone. The kid is HOT. The Dominican born baseball player, who at times seems unhitched IS the Red Sox right now. he and Josh Beckett have carried the Boston Red Sox home to Fenway for a show down with the Cleveland Indians over the weekend. The Sox were down 3-1 in the ALCS. No fault of Manny's. The Sox faced an Elimidate at the Jake last night and Manny did his thing -- he hit!
Ramierez smashed two solid hits one a double and another that missed being a HR by an inch. he had 1 RBI, walked and ignited the Sox to victory once again. In 5 games Manny has accounted for: 17AB; 4R; 8H; 1 2BH; 2HR; .471BA and .522OBP/.842SLG AVE.
The Sox advance to the World Series ONLY IF Manny hits at Fenway this weekend. Let's celebrate the man Child and enjoy him while we have him here in Red Sox Nation! He is amazing!

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