Friday, October 19, 2007

Soxtober Continues! Red Sox Win 7-1. Thank You Josh!!!!!

Josh Beckett - 8IP; 1R; 5H and 11K's.

Josh Beckett has etched himself into Boston Baseball Folklore.

He is 3-0 thus far in the playoffs. His ERA is a flimsy 1.17 in 23IP. He has struck out 26 and only walked 1. His 8 innings pitched tonight allow the Sox to rest and play once again in the ALCS. Beckett was in control as he only allowed 5 hits and 1 run as he tossed 109 pitches - 74 of them for strikes.

The 26 year old Texan was nasty all night and also made his "presence" known to 40yo - Kenny Lofton. Lofton did the "nasty" by dropping his bat on a 3-0 count - that was a called strike. Lofton is not above reproach. His antics go back to when he played for Philadelphia against Beckett. He did the same thing on ball four, but that is just not done. Lofton flied out and as he did so the Cy Young Award Winner let him know he was not pleased. Lofton and the Indian bench took umbridge and benches cleared for a moment.

SOOOO - the ALCS goes back to Fenway. It is hoped that the fans will wake up and make things happen. They were out-cheered by the fans at The Jake this week. Get off your ass and forget the beer lines. Watch the Game...if you are not going to Fenway to WATCH BASEBALL...give your ticket to a real baseball fan. ENOUGH of the pink hats. We need real baseball fans at Fenway this weekend. I am going to be there and call all you idiots who read the Herald and do not watch the game and talk thru the entire game.


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